Sunday, October 4, 2009

I bought "Rice Seasoning" to dye with..

OK.  I went to the store and bought more "rice seasoning".  It has turmeric in it not saffron.  Turmeric also turns fabric yellow and is inexpensive.  That is a little easier to deal with.  I bought two packages.  One to experiment with and one to replace the one I used the first time before my husband finds out I´ve been doing mad experiments with our dinners again.  Today I don´t have time to experiment.  I have to study very hard for my test this week in Business Development class.  I also have to start planning, drawing and designing THREE garments for three different final projects.  I am going to maybe try to convince the teachers to let me make one garment and use it to account for the two final projects in two diffenent classes.  Then I would only have to make one really GOOD garment to cover the requirements of the two classes.  It wouldn´t necessarily be less work, because I would have to make one really awesome dress rather than two sort of nice ones.  Actually now that I think about it, maybe I am better off making two so-so garments.  Maybe a cool t-shirt or blouse for stamping and dyes class and a cocktail dress for indumentary design.  Then for Ergonomy I will probably make some work gloves for cleaning ladies.  It all may sound easy but it is not because I have to do all kinds of drawings and planning and cost control.  For Ergonomy I will have to find cleaning ladies who actually will use the gloves and then answer my survey questions. etc...  The sewing is the easy part.
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