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    Are your writing skills a little rusty or have you never written an article before?  If you are still in grammar school or high school you have an adviser right at your fingertips.  Your English teacher!  Here are some other sources to help you out: Defining and Avoiding Plagarism and Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL).  Why not try writing an article yourself? Petit Poix is always looking for articles about the fashion industry either written by you or for links to interesting articles. We love "hometown" stories.  You will get full credit for your original articles (this means you actually wrote it yourself, not just copied from somewhere else) and retain full rights (this means that you can offer the article to other publishers as well).  We will include a link to your blog or website if your article is published on Petit Poix. It is OK to use other websites and articles as your sources of information but make sure you reference them by linking to the source. Maybe you could interview a local designer, report on a local fashion show, a new department store opening, or about the popular trends where you live?  If you´d like, go ahead and send your own original pictures and videos as well (again, not taken from another website to avoid copyright infraction).  Send links or articles to

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