Monday, January 30, 2012

Girl Model - A Documentary Film

Not a new controversy - albeit one that has not ever been fully addressed - the documentary film "Girl Model" shows the side of the fashion industry that most forget. In a world where later aged teens are considered "too old" and runway workers are "disposable" a story is told . Girl Model will be released in select theaters February 10th just in time for London Fashion Week.  In a situation strikingly similar to that of slave workers at fashion sweatshops in Latin America and other parts of the world - thirteen year old Nadya is selected from a group of hundreds of girls and promised work as a model in Tokyo.  In a TNT Magazine article covering the film Nadya's experience is described: "Indebted to her agency and, under the constant threat of being sent home should she gain any weight, she is left to fend for herself. It is a miserable existence, shorn of illusions. There are no fabulous parties, no designer clothes. She is bonded labour." For more information visit http//

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